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Themidas Touch – Midas Madlibs: “The Date”

By 01.12.11

With so many rappers vying for the same audience by dropping mixtapes on top of EP’s on top of LP’s, the actual caliber of these artists ultimately take a backseat. Skill is replaced with swag, creativity trumped by perceived buzz, and so forth. Before he goes any further, Themidas Touch wants you to know that he very well that his spit is authentic as well as every bit of 14K like his name implies.

Having already rooted himself with his Beat Up The Beat EP, Themidas is doing an 180° and jumpstarting his new series “Midas Madlib” in which he takes random words to create a random story for random results. All off the top, all documented. To create fan participation and interaction, you can send your words/ideas to MidasMadlibs@Gmail.com or hit him up directly on his Twitter @Themidas.

Interesting to see if we can get some Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the kitchen action poppin’ off.

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