Rappers Assemble: If MCs Were Marvel Comics Characters

By: 02.28.11

Nicki Minaj – Rogue

Nicki matches well with the invulnerable chick from X- Men. Rogue is known for her super-strength and flying ability. But she was actually born with the power to absorb other people’s personalities and gifts. That’s to say the multiple personalities she’s garnered are as artificial as Minaj’s hind parts. Many don’t know exactly how Rogue got her powers, although it’s widely held they were gained during a fight with Ms. Marvel. An inexperienced Rogue went up against the formidable foe and permanently drained Ms. Marvel’s powers and memories. Interestingly enough, Lil Kim is claiming Minaj stole her identity and ran with it. It makes for an interesting comparison whether you believe Kim or not.

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