Rappers Assemble: If MCs Were Marvel Comics Characters

By: 02.28.11

50 Cent – Nick Fury

This is more of a point to 50 Cent’s leadership and influence. G-Unit was once in the upper echelon of Hip-Hop camps (alongside the ROC, Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, and Murda Inc.) and the military inspiration for this crew makes it comparable to Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D team. 50’s presence in Hip-Hop culture has definitely diminished in the past year. But with his recent influence on the stock market, he proved that he still has some relevance in the world of money-making. After Fury’s Secret War, the general had to take his fight underground, going under the radar to achieve his goals. Fiddy, since his stock has fallen a bit, has taken a guerrilla approach to his releases, dropping mixtapes and random cuts to take him back to his roots.

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