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Rappers Assemble: If MCs Were Marvel Comics Characters

By 02.28.11

Eminem – Captain America

Eminem, a fairly young Caucasian man, can be seen as your typical American stereotype but he’s not exactly the role model Captain America is. However during the last Marvel story arc called “The Civil War,” heroes were pitted against each and Captain America was deemed as an outlaw and a fugitive by the government. After the event, he was thought to be dead and was gone from the Marvel Universe for a couple of years; a time that parallels the years when Em was on his hiatus on the road to recovery. Apart from the current stories though, comparisons between Eminem and Captain America exist because Marshall’s seen as a representative of Hip-Hop like how the Cap is the representative of Marvel superheros in many respects. You might disagree with the mantle I’ve given to Eminem, but he continues to remain on top of the pile with his sales figures.

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