16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By: 03.16.11

10. “I Ain’t Got Time”

I talk like a hustler, walk like a hustler
Stripper attitude, only money make me move
Dapper Dan status, I’m the Stunna part two
I got an image to uphold, and my image do too
I’m off the scrimmage line like Emmitt 2-2
Why would the quarterback give it to you?

There was a point in time when Wayne compilations were leaking almost weekly. Don’t get it confused either, these were not just .zip files of songs we had all heard before with a DJ attaching their name to it for the sake of gaining notoreity. They were filled with all new material! And from there, the legend of Wayne’s Tupacian work ethic was forever etched in Internet stone. Case in point Tha Carter 2.5. “I Ain’t Got Time” was Wayne assuming boss-status letting anyone who would listen know that money being on his mind wasn’t merely a charming slogan from a previous single. If a conversation didn’t involve dead presidents, chances are he wouldn’t hear a word you said.

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