16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By: 03.16.11

12. “Blowing Up Fast”

Thanks senorita we cannot go any further
If my girl catch us both in the spot she will merk us
Pussy niggas talkin all that slop we will merk cuz
Hungry ass niggas I tote two hamburgers
Who want beef? Who want beef?
I bring it to your front door and now you seem nervous

Grab a lighter, wave it side to side and listen to this song. Weezy’s admission that “murder ain’t funny, but we do love to laugh” even sounded hypnotic and comforting over this groovy, sample drenched record. Upon the time of The Suffix’s release, Wayne was already a star. However, knowing now what we didn’t know then, the title was eerily prophetic seeing as how he would go on to double his fame and influence in the years to follow.

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