16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By: 03.16.11

13. “Fresh’s Blessing”

Few leaves left the soul tree standin’
Just as quick as the wind blew they went too
I’m in too deep
My roots go deeper then a spot where they body shall sleep
I probably shouldn’t speak like that, but it be like that
Never let a nigga with a knife see my back, yeah
I’m outta here, let me see my hat
And I rock it so low I can’t see where I’m at

Lil Wayne is the superstar. Minus the glitz, the glamor and the fast life lies Dwayne Michael Carter. Just a young man from New Orleans who had a gift from God which took him further than he or the 504 projects which raised him could have ever imagined. There were bumps and hurdles along the way, but all setbacks only created major comebacks from Cita’s pride and joy. “Fresh’s Blessing” was one of his most honest interpretations detailing this train of thought.

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