16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By: 03.16.11  •  32 Comments

14. “Young’n Blues”

And all she ever wanted
Was for Young Weezy to love her
But all I ever wanted was to cum easy and dump her
But that didn’t come easy
‘Cause she ended up being my baby mother
And then I felt smothered but little did I know
I’d never find the same girl inside another
But I never thought that I’d be looking for her

Wayne’s history with women has been well documented. Given his star power, it would be easy to suspect that troubles with the opposite sex fall few and far between. That may be true in present day terms, but times weren’t always so easy. “Young’n Blues” – from 2002’s 500 Degreez – portrayed a Weezy that often found himself constantly on the wrong side of love. The first verse even transcribed how Toya came to be such an important person in his life – even if she wasn’t initially meant to be.

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