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16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By 03.16.11

16. “White Girl (Remix)” – USDA Feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Fabolous

I got that white girl, that Lindsay Lohan
And all you gotta do is Lindsay Lo-han
And if you like that blow, then I blow mines
So come and get this blow, and then you blow mines
And then you blow his, and then you blow his
I’m fresh out of Christina, but I got that Brittney Spears, ya dig

Is it his most impressive verse ever? Not exactly, but it is still fun to listen to this day. Again, Wayne obviously saw something the rest of the world didn’t by naming his blow after Lindsay Lohan as she has since become the spokesperson for the drug and how great of a time you can have while doing it!

Bizarre story here though, but I swear this is 200% accurate. A good friend of mine called back in 2007 telling me a story about a friend of his finding a wallet in New York City. Upon opening it out of curiousity, Lohan’s I.D. was in there along with a tightly rolled $20 bill (or $100, I can’t remember) with coke on the inside. I figured it was a fabricated story, but then a few months later she was arrested for a DUI and drug possession. Crazy how life works itself out.

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