16 Lil Wayne Songs You’re Probably Not Listening To

By: 03.16.11  •  32 Comments

8. “Alphabet Bitches”

P for Paulina she go all night
If I don’t fuck her once a week she probably go on strike
And the Q is for Queen ’cause she is my queen
No she can’t ride it like Renauda but her body is mean
And the S is for Shayna a sucker in bed
She take advantage of the fact that I’m a sucker for head

Nothing, and I mean nothing, screams creativity like running through the alphabet in conjuction with all the women you have had sex with. That’s at least 26 under your belt right there. More so than the unique content of the song, how the idea came to fruition would be the more interesting take on the story. Pending these women are real – and given his job status, I would imagine them to be – this track probably stemmed from someone in the studio saying “I bet you can’t run through all the girls you fucked A-Z.” Pride is a mothaf*cka and thus the birth of this song.

Actually, to call a spade a spade, he forgot “X.” Twenty-five out of 26 isn’t bad though and I’d imagine that letter and “U” being the most difficult to secure. Plus, I’m sure he has a surplus of “S’s” or “M’s” to carry over anyway.

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