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Five Unforgettable Sporting Events I Witnessed

By / 03.23.11

For the last five years or so, I’ve been living the life of a vagabond, going from city to city in search of a big break or with halfway going to school. At every stop it seems like I land smack-dab in the middle of a crazy sporting event my new city rallies behind for good or bad. As the NBA playoffs are about to begin, I’m reminded of these insane moments that I was able to at least partially be a part of and witness.
2001 NBA All-Star Game – A good friend of my dad’s used to work for the NBAPA so he’d hook us up with tickets every once in a while. He got me a ticket to the 2001 All-Star game in Washington, D.C. That fact was cool enough but it became unforgettable when it turned out to be the greatest All-Star game of all time. In case you forgot, the East came back from more than 20 points behind A.I. and Stephon Marbury’s 4th quarter explosion. The highlight came when Vince dropped a nasty 360 followed by a windmill later in the game.

Highlight – There are few memories I have from this game. First my dad booked us in a Residence Inn that (coincidentally?) was crawling with D.C’s finest escorts. I was 15 and remember walking in the lobby to check in and there being like 10 women in stilettos and I-shit-you-not g-strings while two men in lime green and purple suits stood next to them with goblets in their hands. I almost lost my virginity just standing in the same room as them.
Then at the game I remember this dad and his son trying to get into the arena using scalped tickets. But the dad got duped into buying NBA Jam Session tickets that allow you to enjoy the festivities during the day but didn’t allow you into the game. Tickets were going for a large sum at the time so he probably got conned out of over a stack. The disappointment in his son’s eyes had me almost ready to hand over my ticket. Almost.
2003 NBA All-Star Game – Chalk this one to another hook-up. This All-Star game was in the ATL and I went into it figuring that I’d never be able to match the experience of 2001. I was wrong. I got to watch MJ’s last All-Star game and see him hit what was supposed to be a game-winning fade away over Shawn Marion. Take notes LeBron. The West won though because Isiah Thomas hated Jordan so much that he let Vince Carter stick Garnett in the paint so KG could take over and win it.
Highlight – I got to sit behind Truth Hurts. That was cool.

2008 Sweet 16 – This still goes down as the most fun weekend I’ve ever had. In 2008, an unknown school named Davidson with a scrawny pre-pubescent-looking Sophomore named Stephen Curry had shaken up the world by beating Georgetown to get to the Sweet 16. Two days later, every student at the school got an email letting us know that the school would take every student to Detroit to cheer on our squad during the tournament for free. We got transportation, a night’s stay in a hotel and a ticket to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. When I say pandemonium struck the campus I mean kids were dancing and singing in the street. Okay, maybe it was just me, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.
Highlight – Drunk. That’s the word of the weekend. Buses left at four in the morning so people were stumbling onto them drunk. I know I had water bottles of alcohol on deck and barely remember most of the weekend. The dopest part? The fact our school bought out a brewery right before the game. I’m not going to name names but I took shots with some choice members of the faculty.

2008 NFL Week 1 In Boston – Sorry Pat, this was awesome to watch. I didn’t attend this game, but I was in the city of Boston during the Fall of 2008. If you’re a Patriots fan then you know the story: Tom Brady steps back for a pass. He gets hit in the knee, right below his vagina and boom – he’s out for the season. The whole city basically wept. They were coming off of the Imperfect Season and hoped to right the ship in 2008. As someone that hates the Patriots, and hated every second of my time in the wretched city of Boston, it brought joy to this black heart.
Highlight – I watched the game from a bar in Boston and this chick next to me in a Brady jersey straight up started crying. I mean, openly sobbing like she just saw her husband and dad in bed together. I loved it.
*Instead of a video of the injury, here’s a video of a dance worse than death*

The Day Hell Froze Over – You know this, already: I’m a lifelong Saints fan. And The Saints won the freaking Super Bowl thanks to Tins picking against them in the playoffs. I was there. No, not Miami where the game was played. Who wants to be there? I was in New Orleans, on Bourbon street. If you can think of a time when that many people in one place were so happy, then let me know because it was glorious.
Highlight – My boss at the time, a 65-year-old man, did the worm. The worm. On the ground. When Tracy Porter caught that interception. He’s still recovering. So are my eyes.


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