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Crew Love: The May Edition

By 05.30.11

Been a while since we shared Crew Love hasn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ll start convening more frequently in an effort to do them more often. People always ask what we’re really listening to when it’s not for posting-purposes and we do like to pull back the curtain periodically to reveal our true playlists. So here’s May’s edition of our staff picks for songs that went right along with countless cups of coffee and five hour energy drinks to fuel our daily dedication to bringing the ruckus.

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Dusted N’ Disgusted” — Pac would tell anybody who’d listen that Oakland taught him the game. One of the more underrated posse cuts from the ’90s afforded America the Hood 101 crash course of life on the West Coast. — J. Tinsley

E-40 Feat. Mac Mall, 2Pac & Spice 1 – “Dusted N’ Disgusted”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Slick” — He left the scene for a while, but Dizzy came back with a smooth banger tailor-made for repeat plays. The keys, the break and the scratch chorus all maintain a distinctly crisp Golden Age feel, but Diz stays on time and up to date with his West Coast witticisms. — Trackstar

Diz Gibran & Moonshine – “Slick” (Prod. By Moonshine)

Crew Love: The May Edition

Heart – “Crazy On You” — Rise up, oh summer flame, and shower sun and humidity over me in a single song. Beats by broads sicker than any whipper snapper rapper, this track stabs all other modern music in the balls. Harmonies for heat seekers and guitar riffs not for the faint of heart is the strength of Heart. — LC Weber

Crew Love: The May Edition

“54-46 That’s My Number/Ball and Chain” — How many people have the pipes needed to justifiably cover this Toots and the Maytals classic? Bradley Noel’s stripped, easygoing SoCal attitude allots him the swag needed to channel his inner Jamaican. This song is pure ear candy, early ’90s ska-punk at its best – bombastic but laid-back, fast in spots but slow in others. SO dope. — AJ

Sublime – “54-46 That’s My Number/Ball and Chain”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“‘Round Midnight” — Miles Davis, rhythm section grooving slowly behind him, opens this cut with a series of high, piercing notes that never fail to send a shiver down my spine. For a brief, perfect moment, he’s done the impossible: capture the essence of night, timeless and dark, and express it through his muted trumpet. — Ben Lampin

Miles Davis – “‘Round Midnight”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Do You Wanna Ride” — Potentially, Kingdom Come could have made our whole Jay list. But “Do You Wanna Ride” will be placed unequivocally on our “Best Jay-Z songs” list when the time comes. — Gotty™

Jay-Z Feat. John Legend – “Do You Wanna Ride” (Prod. By Kanye West)

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Bury Me A G” — F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” The verdict is still out on The Snowman’s new mixtape. Hell, it’s still out on what the future holds for TM103. That being said, Jeezy’s classics are indisputable. This tale of a protagonist’s early demise remains one of them.

Young Jeezy – “Bury Me A G”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“To Tha Beat (F’d Up)” — Less is more here, and though everything is basic and stripped down, the elements add up to make a catchy track that showcases the lesser known sound of LA. Off of Q’s Setbacks LP, this record’s thumping bass and simple, drug-happy lyrics have become my after hours anthem since SXSW and continue to prove that the moniker “Schoolboy” Q is a total misnomer. — Raj

Schoolboy Q – “To Tha Beat (F’d Up)”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Fast Lane” — “Fast Lane” is the audio equivalent of this summer’s blockbuster Fast Five with two of the Motor City’s finest getting their Vin Diesel on as they try to steal the lead from each other on a menacing orchestral track that’s best suited for a ride on the highway to Hell, with nothing but a sparse snare & kick to keep pace. Em & Royce redline their verbal V-12s often, going from to 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye & shifting gears mid-verse, varying cadences like an HBCU marching band drumline. — Teef

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – “Fast Lane”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Breakfast (In And Out)” — Spitta knows a thing or two about summer living. Combining his love for bud, babes and booze over a jazzed Ski Mos’ co-produced backdrop, “Breakfast” helped propel Pilot Talk and Curren$y’s name outside the tight-knit rap blog community. Horns coalesce with his easy-riding flow, as he drops perfectly seasonal bars: “Stayed real, I kept my promise/Rolled bamboos in the Bahamas/Mama, it’s either that or them strawberry coladas.” — Ryan J.

Curren$y – “Breakfast (In And Out)” (Prod. Mos Def & Ski Beatz)

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Black Sheep (Metric Cover)” — Two of my favorites things in life are movies that live up to the promise they show in the previews and finding new music in unlikely places. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World managed to pull off a rare daily double by providing a flick guaranteed to capture my undivided attention whenever I come across it while channel surfing, along with a couple of new songs competing for iPod spins. So far “Black Sheep” has won top honors, despite me still wrestling over which version I like better: the studio version or the abridged version from the movie. — MZ

The Clash at Demonhead – “Black Sheep (Metric Cover)”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“Good For You” — It’s funny how perception & reality can be so utterly contradictory. Perfection from the vantage point of another could merely be a beautifully kept up mess walking around in the mind of the subject of discussion. He could very well be going home to sing the same song to the same girl in the same tune waiting for a different answer every night, thus defining insanity. — K1NG

extended walrus – “Good For You”

Crew Love: The May Edition

“M I Crooked Letter” — Dear world, life is still pretty sh*tty here in the ‘Sip. While the details may not be as sexy as the other happenings going on in the news, the flood has taken its toll on a large portion of the state. K.R.I.T. and Mississippi’s own Boo Rossini team up to offer an ode to the land of collard greens and Medgar Evars. It’s nice that K.R.I.T. is paying homage to the local roots and collaborating with some Mississippians. #HometownPride — David D.

Boo Rossini & Big K.R.I.T. – “M I Crooked Letter” (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)

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