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Rocky Rivera – Pop Killer Mixtape

By 06.17.11

Swag. Sex appeal and marketability. Producer credits. All the above have become liabilities masked as proprietary essentials to blow up in rap music. I ain’t buying it. TSS ain’t having it. And Rocky Rivera refuses to sell it or give away. Already proficient in the art of LP-making with her 2010 self-titled debut landing a coveted spot in stores, the Cali-bred lyricist is challenging the pop culture standard and slipping it poison for supper with her new tape, Pop Killer.

Backed by a gangsta’s aesthetic through the verbiage of a revolutionary reformist, Rocky R. makes a mockery out of cookie-cutter tactics by keeping her skill bubbling on the surface. Her partners-in-crime-n-rhyme include Bambu, Nitty Scott, MC and DaVinci as the cartel layer the entire tape with the picturesque instrumentals that identify with a West Coast project.

If murder was the case, Ms. Rivera is the plaintiff. Here’s one exception where it’s cool to be an accessory to a 187.

And: Watch The Rock keep it gully on Sunset Blvd. while she spits the fire from track #4 (shortly after partaking in some boobonic chronic).

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