On The Set Of “The Dark Knight Rises”: Batman, Bane & The Batmobile

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Asking diehard Batman fans to wait until July 20, 2012 for The Dark Knight Rises to hit silver screens is like waiting for the day after eternity to arrive.


George Lucas Revisits The Tuskegee Airmen In “Red Tails”

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World War II's extensive on-screen history is being expanded even more with Star Wars creator George Lucas' latest visual in Red Tails.

Success Is Certain

Royce Da 5’9″ Feat. Nottz & Adonis – “On The Boulevard”

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Nick Nine continues to promise a victory, this time with <a href="">Nottz Raw</a> in campfire storytelling session that's perfectly scripted for a HBO drama.


Watch The Thrown: Your Ever-Updating 2011 NFL Trade Roundup

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After more than four months of hibernation, the NFL blasted off this week after the players and owners signed the new CBA.

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Feat. Stuey Rock – “Single”

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Live From The Kitchen is never coming out but Yo Gotti still wants to tease you with singles, named "Single" at that.


Coming Attractions: The New ESPN 2.0 For Xbox 360

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Unless gaming is just your thing or you have an abundance of free time, there's a pretty good chance your Xbox 360 has been relegated to Netflix status.

We Got Now

Video: Eternia x BET Follow Friday

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Eternia is an ill ass rapper but <a href="">you knew that already</a>.

take care

Drake Makes “Headlines” With The First Official Single From Take Care

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Despite his reserved demeanor, Aubrey Graham doesn't shy away from the spotlight; he embraces it.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z & Timbaland Slammed With A $5 Million Lawsuit Over “Big Pimpin'” Sample

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It seems like everybody is watching Jiggaman's "throne" these days, vying for a piece of the pie.

The R.E.D. Album

Game Reunites With Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg For A “Drug Test”

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If any unsuspecting correctional officer asked Game, Dr.


We’re All A Little Jealous Of Philadelphia Sports Teams Right Now

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The Phillies have made something of a habit out of nabbing premium talent on the eve of MLB's trade deadline (picking up Cliff Lee in '09 and Roy Oswalt in '10), and this year was no different as Philadelphia acquired All-Star right fielder Hunter Pence from the Houston Astros.


In Pictures: “The Avengers” Assemble Promo Materials

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Although the only trailer you can find on the new Avengers movie was filmed with a BlackBerry, there's currently a new crop of teaser materials to whet your appetite until the official one is unleashed.

Weekend At Burnie's

Fiend – Cool Is In Session Mixtape

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Somehow, someway, Cool Is In Session is the fourth tape <a href="">Fiend's</a> managed to put out this year.


Frank Ocean Wrote Bridget Kelly A Love Song

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Frank Ocean landed songwriting credits on Beyonce's 4.


Cop: Nike Air Force 1 Low VT PRM Whiteout

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Words: Donwill While I did pick up the <a href="">Nike Air Force 1 Mid 'Tuskegee Airmen'</a> when they dropped, it seems as though I haven't really had a pair of AF1's in rotation since Nelly used the model to fuel his hit single of the same name.


Gucci Mane & Future – Freebricks Mixtape

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Gucci and Future pair up to release Freebricks, hosted by DJ Scream.


Uncle Sam, His Ex And The Classic Song They Made Together

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You ever listen to a song so real that at the end all that really needs to be said is "sh*t".

Unexpected Arrival

Diggy Simmons – “Copy, Paste” Video

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Diggy and his team of ghostwriters already <a href="">"borrowed" plenty of elements</a> to create "Copy, Paste," so why not plagiarize the video concept on top of that.

YG Hootie

Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame – “15th And The 1st”

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Photo: FreddyO "15th And The 1st" is about as ignorant as it gets.

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