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Flying Lotus – “Lullaby” x “Heave (n) mix2”

By 07.21.11

When he’s not knocking artists’ albums via Twitter, Flying Lotus is putting out odd, completely unique product. To the casual fan, FlyLo’s particular brand of cacophony comes across as pure madness. The sounds collide and feud with one another, fueling some otherworldly audio orgy that causes ear drums to burst and rupture. His two latest tracks, “Lullaby” and “Heave (n) mix2,” won’t bring those looking for conservative, industry-blueprinted beats on board, but Flying Lotus doesn’t seem to mind.

“Lullaby” and “Heave (n) mix2” churn along with lethargic lurch and juxtaposed mariachi shakes. The layered mixes present the varied soundscapes the L.A.-based DJ has claimed as his own. It’s the perfect bridge between traditional Hip-Hop, world music, jazz and everything else under that bond electronic music fans of all genres.

Strap your ear cans tight and press play. When FlyLo’s your musical conductor, only one thing can be true: when the music gets weird, the weird turn to Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus – “Lullaby”

Flying Lotus – “Heave (n) mix2”

H/T: Pitchfork

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