Burn Hollywood Burn: Thurz Talks U-N-I Breakup & Sparking An L.A. Riot

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TSS: What’s your thoughts on the riots that took place in London?

Thurz: It’s like the same shit and reasoning that happened in ’92! I don’t want to promote violence but they definitely had a reason to be upset. And the way the media is portraying it as only Black folks is terrible. But I’m not mad at anyone out there and hopefully justiced was served.

TSS: A native of the West Coast may absolutely love this album but it may take a minute for East Coasters to warm up to it. What would you say in words to someone who was trying to comprehend the movement?

Thurz: It is based on a West Coast event but the music is worldly. “Colors” would be the only record I’d say has the West Coast vibe. Other than that, it’s a real musically record. It’s almost on some punk rock shit. So I’d say anybody outside of L.A. who likes good music, listen to this shit! [Laughs]. It’s real life music; you’ll find something that you can relate to. I don’t even want to pigeonhole it strictly to Hip-Hop. It’s dope music.

TSS: Explain what it’s like having a family in a Hip-Hop oriented household. Is your daughter learning to appreciate the vibe or does she like the pop stuff?

Thurz: Well, y’know, she likes whatever catches her ear. She’s a girly girl so she likes Beyonce but she also like “Dope” and “Colors” on the record. If the beat makes her move, she’ll rock with it. She wanted to come to the release party so I brought her. And she supports! She’s always telling her friends “my daddy is going out of town for work and he’s a rapper!” [Laughs!]

TSS: What was the release party for L.A. Riot like?

Thurz: It was great! Incredible turnout too. It took place at the Papillion Institute of Art Gallery and we were able to paint the walls with themes and quotes from our blogs. My Rodney King evolution picture. The DJs and film crew were all dope and it was packed! Big ‘ol crowd in there. And I appreciate that kind of support because as you know, that’s where the money is made on the independent end. I have some product placement deals lining up and I’m really pushing that in the near future.

TSS: And L.A. Riot is just the beginning for the music out of your solo set?

Thurz: Yeah, I’m recording every single day. I have four projects being worked on as we speak!

Thurz – The Rodney King Evolution

TSS: O.K., in closing, here’s a little food for thought. Should a riot pop off today in Los Angeles, say over the exact same reason those generally take place. What would be your role in the chaos?

Thurz: Hmm…that’s a good question. No one’s asked me that one yet. I would mainly make sure the youth were taken care of in some shape or form. I don’t know if it’s necessary to explain to the kids at the time what was happening, but sometimes people have those lives where you grow up fast. But that’s a hard question; I don’t want to come off as this political radical but definitely making sure the community is aware of what’s going on and that we don’t burn down our backyard. There’s pros and cons though, man. People aren’t just going to riot for nothing. There’s going to be a reason for it.

Thurz’s new album, L.A. Riot, features guest appearances and production from the likes of Black Thought, DJ Khalil, Ro Blvd., Strong Arm Steady and THX. It is available now on iTunes. For more information on Thurz and his upcoming endeavors, check out his official Facebook page, website at www.TheRiotStartsHere.com and follow him on Twitter @Thurzday.

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