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Joe Cool – “I Wanna Sell Drugs”

By 09.28.11

If you’ve ever been hurting for cash, this is one song you’ll undoubtedly be able to relate to. At the tail end of last week, Louisiana’s Joe Cool and his self-produced prayer, “I Wanna Sell Drugs” became the blog de jour after this hypothetical seed of escape stole the hearts of everyone else simply scraping along. Almost a week later, as my mind becomes muffled by the empty sound of dwindling funds and the solution calls for personal compromise, the temptation to call my mans from around the way and take the easy way out actually seems like a sensible option. Especially, when major markets are less than a 10 hour drive away.

But, instead of giving into something I’ve held off on for years, I’d rather use the steam Joe’s received from his Cooley Hi single as optimism that I have much more legal outlets to facilitate my desires.

For now.

DownloadJoe Cool – “I Wanna Sell Drugs”

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