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The 10 Best Ways For Artists To Build Their Brands At Music Festivals

By 10.21.11

3. Carry Yourself With Class

One thing we’ve found very humbling while submitting ourselves to events like this is that you never know who you’ll bump in to. Since half our livelihood is consumed online, many times putting faces on Internet acquaintances, artists or personalities is easier said than done. So, before you give someone you don’t know the cold shoulder, keep in mind they might have the skeleton key to your success. Treat everyone like he or she is the most important person in the room.

4. Stand Out With Stage Presence

When there are 101 rappers on the bill, your live performance has to include more than you standing on stage mean-mugging. Let’s face it, you’re probably far from a hometown crowd and not everyone knows your songs. So figuring out a way to stick out is key. If it helps, go watch Tyler The Creator or MGK perform on YouTube and remember where their stage shows took them.

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