The 10 Best Ways For Artists To Build Their Brands At Music Festivals

By: 10.21.11

7. Consider Passing Your Music Out In Another Format Than CD

Despite us living in a digital age, CD’s have managed to hold on as the major distribution for underground music. Outside of our cars, though, CD’s don’t get a lot of burn. Had we not driven to Atlanta this year, going through these CD’s would have been a much more major ordeal. Business cards with a link to your music or a usb drive will allow bloggers and other technologically inclined individuals to digest your music in their preferred format. Plus accumulating these won’t weigh down a backpack quite as bad.

8. Stay Away From Freestyles On Your Sampler

While freestyling over the hottest beats of today and yesteryear may seem like a good idea, it isn’t helping you. Save that for when you have an identity and a fan base. The best way to gain fans and prove your artistic merit is to craft original songs. No will knock you for rocking over another person’s beat, just make it memorable. For the long run, you’ll fare better by establishing your own sound.

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