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Dear NBC, You’re Dead To Me

By / 11.15.11

I generally don’t pay attention to things like ratings and mid-year schedules because I don’t have cable and can care less what time a show is airing as long as it shows up on the Internet. However, news has spread that makes me want to slap Jay Leno with a piss-drenched script from The Cape.

NBC, the Kmart of network television, just released its mid-season schedule and arguably its best show, Community, isn’t there. Of course, there’s still Parks And Recreation and The Office (which is really just going through the motions at this point) as shows worth watching but getting rid of the insanely creative Community is a disgrace. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’m sure there are a million people ready to sign petitions to get the show back on the schedule. Hell, if Facebook can bring Betty White back from her cavern then it can bring Community back. I just refuse to live in a society where Two And A Half f*cking Men is allowed to exist for damn near a decade but Community doesn’t make it through its third season.

But in case Community doesn’t come back midseason, here’s a preemptive burn in Dante’s seventh circle you rotten pieces of bukkake to the good folks at NBC.

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