Quelle Chris Feat. Roc Marciano – “Slaves” (Prod. By House Shoes)

By: 11.17.11

I think I’m beginning to turn into one of those hated hip-hop purists. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not about to catch me in an oversized rugby and Girbaud jeans mouthing hip-hop lyrics in a room full of dudes drunk off Mickey’s and loneliness anytime soon, but I’m finding myself less interested in flowery lyrics and overproduced beats every day.

Shit like Quelle Chris’ “Slaves” featuring NY lyrical stalwart Roc Marciano is like a balm for my 30-year-old ears, which are bombarded by musical saccharine on an almost daily basis. House Shoes’ simple piano loop is the backdrop for Marc’s multi-syllable fly talk and Motown native/Oakland resident Quelle Chris’ Baatin-esque, but dialed down approach. Even the intro and outro brings a bit of “Young, Gifted & Black” nostalgia to the proceedings. Look, I’m not saying I plan to be completely out of touch with what’s hot, or the next wave of hip-hop stars, I’m just saying for now you young whippersnappers can shut up and get off of my lawn.

Quelle Chris Feat. Roc Marciano – “Slaves” (Prod. By House Shoes)

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