The Gift Of Gab II: Five Legendary Pimp C Interviews

By: 11.08.11

Notable Quotable: “And while I’m talking about it, it’s a whole bunch of you hoe ass rapping niggas that’s in the closet. You in the closet, nigga. Know what I’m talking about? You a homosexual. Know what I’m talking about? I ain’t got nothing against you, but nigga don’t be trying to poison the pussy population witcha ol’ sick dick.”

According to the YouTube description, this took place at SXSW 2007. KB The Kidnappa (one of the greatest rap names ever) knocked some guy out who was trying to get to Pimp C. So upset by the event, Pimp takes to the nearest camera to expose his rapping counterparts who aren’t playing fair. And by playing fair, I mean playing both sides of the fence. And by playing both sides of the fence, I mean gay rappers. This isn’t exactly an interview, more so than it is an extended soliloquy, but it does find Chad Butler addressing a topic which has long been a nasty rumor and urban legend floating around the genre.

While it has yet to be proven, this clip had to have at least played a part in Aaron McGruder creating the character “Gangstalicious.”

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