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The Gift Of Gab II: Five Legendary Pimp C Interviews

By 11.08.11

Notable Quotable: “I’m proud of everybody sending records in Atlanta, but everybody ain’t my friend and I don’t like all y’all records. Now if you wanna diss me and get down with me, go on and do it. But the difference between me and them other dudes is this, you gon’ diss me and I’m gon’ come see you jack! You gon’ diss them other dudes and they gon’ play lip wrestle with you. So if you want man, c’mon with it. If you want it with me, leave Bun out of it, and we gon’ see in the end cause you gon’ smell my cologne!”

The interview that needs no real introduction. Pimp lets loose his feelings on Atlanta, its geographic location and time zone, rappers portraying lives on wax not applicable to their own, false drug prices (the birth of his short lived beef with Young Jeezy) and the home of 1,000 quotes saw Chad Butler in rare form. I’m not sure what prompted him to call in that day and fire off at the mouth for damn near 20 minutes, but all I know is this. Hip Hop is a better place because of him doing so.

Bonus: For those looking to further their Pimp C knowledge, check out this interview Noz did with him several years ago. It’s a long read, but very informative as it taps into Pimp and Bun’s earlier years and more. Definitely a must read for any UGK fan.

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