The 2011 Finale: The 100 Other Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed

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<a href=""></a>Graphics: <a href="">Talia</a> Last day of the year and everything's in the books.


Happy New Year From The TSS Crew!

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Another year in the books, save for one final night of celebrating the ball drop and calendar flip.

The Best Albums Of 2011

Real Talk: The Top 15 Albums Of 2011

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Graphics: <a href="">BEWARE</a> What is an album anymore.


On Tony Romo, Those Praying For His Downfall & Carpe Diem

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The other day, someone asked me a simple, yet profound question.

Well Done

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – “Cirque Du Soleil” Video

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<a href="">Action Bronson</a> is pure unintentional comedy in a bottle of virgin olive oil with scented rosemary and his legend just keeps on spreading.


Sol – “Stage Dive”


After earning the Interwebs' attention over the last few years with his compassionate raps and trilogy of free EPs, Dear Friends, Seattle Hip-Hop artist <a href="">Sol</a> is back to "Stage Dive.

#Jay Z

The iPod Shuffle – Jay-Z’s “A Week Ago”

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After securing my <a href="">Concord XI's</a> a few days ago, I can finally sit back and take stock of what transpired over the last week.

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Feat. Stuey Rock – “Single” Video

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While it's not the most arduous task to master, by the looks of <a href="">Yo Gotti's</a> latest visual "Single," the trapper rapper of the year seems to have perfected the "Birdman hand-rub.


Kevin Durant Is Halfway Decent At This Basketball Thing

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Nearly two years ago, we dubbed Kevin Durant as the <a href="">next big NBA superstar</a>.


Drunk Online Shopping Is The New Drunk Dialing

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"After enjoying a few drinks, some people go dancing.

Ty Deals

GLC – “Jesse Owens” Video


Even though this engaging visual for <a href="">GLC's</a> "Jesse Owens" has nothing to do with the Steve Miller Band, this very easily could've been the music video for their song "Take The Money And Run.


12.30 The Cooler

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Carol Seleme, 2011 Cooler Of The Year Verizon Outages, New $2 Fee Irk Customers [WSJ] The 10 Most Innovative Music Videos of 2011 [SPIN] Vin Diesel Confirms 6th and 7th 'Fast and Furious' Movies [Vibe] Reading Matter [Gwarizm] Apple Wants to Let You Unlock Your [...].


The iPod Shuffle – TLC’s “What About Your Friends”

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In an effort to try to grasp the new generation of music during the '90s, my mother latched on to TLC.

XXL Magazine

Fifteen Years Later, Nas Talks “It Was Written”

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Following Illmatic, especially in retrospect, is the most impossible task in Hip-Hop history.


Carol Seleme, 2011 Cooler Of The Year

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With more than 300+ girls to pick from, you would think choosing a Cooler of The Year would be a daunting task.


10 Raunchy Pimp C Lyrics That Will Make Your Momma Faint

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<a href="">The Pimp</a> always spoke his mind, and didn’t care how you felt about it, or the consequences.


Samoa Cancels Friday, December 30th

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Have you ever had a six day week.


Nelly – O.E.MO Mixtape x “Country A** N*gga” Video

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We told you a while back that a proper Nelly comeback <a href="">just wasn't meant to be</a>.


This Week Tom Brady Will Prove That He Is A Horrible, Horrible Person

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I hate <a href="">Tom Brady</a>.


Tyrese Feat. T.I., Big Sean & Busta Rhymes – “Fireworkz” (Remix)


We kept trying to tell <a href="">Tyrese</a> that this year, of all years, was the wrong one to drop a track called, "Fireworkz.

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