Prodigy – “When U Up”

By: 12.26.11

Now that the decent Black Cocaine EP got its 15 minutes of burn, it’s on to the next one for Prodigy, as he gets ready to release H.N.I.C.3. The first leak, “When U Up,” is a trap to any and all critics and I’m about to willingly fall right into it. The first verse details the fame and glamour of the Queens rapper’s peak, while the second depicts his life after Mobb Deep’s fall from grace. The record implies that people only hop on the bandwagon when the going is good, but are quick to jump right back off as soon as they see some potholes along the way. I’m guessing that V-I-P intended it to be this way, so that anybody who has something critical to say about him/his music/maybe even this song in particular can just be brushed off into the ever-growing category of “haters.”

It’s no secret around these parts that it’s Mobb Deep everything for me, but I know a dud when I hear one and, speaking as objectively as I can, “When U Up” is enh at best. The hook is dull and repetitive, and P’s verses are slow, lethargic and grow quickly monotonous. I really hope it winds up being a throwaway because if this is the best he’s got, it’s time to find a decent ghostwriter stat and fire any yes-men who said this song album material that deserves three minutes of anybody’s time. And guess what, if Prodigy thinks my comments are hating, then by all means call me a hater. I’ll proudly be Mobb Deep’s fanboy-hater.

Prodigy – “When U Up”

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