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Reshaping The American Dream

By / 12.12.11

Just maturing through life, experiencing and seeing different people, places and things has afforded me a valuable lesson. Blessings and prayers are one in the same. It’s so easy to get caught up what we don’t have in life that we often forget the things we are blessed with – a roof, health and even life itself – are prayers for someone else. And our prayers are someone’s blessing letting us know obtaining them isn’t impossible. My version of the American Dream doesn’t involve a white picket fence, a dog, two kids named Tupac and Aaliyah and a wife who looks like Pilar (although I’d take the kids and wife).

If you would’ve asked me before graduating from Hampton what I saw myself doing heading into 2012, I would’ve probably given some jaded answer about working at a record company making executive decisions on albums and developing artists. However, deciding to do this online writing thing back in 2008 and sticking with it to the present day has opened so many doors I’m humbled by it on a daily basis. To me, TSS is the Rolling Stone, TIME and 1990’s Source all rolled in one. And while I currently work a job that’s the furthest thing from my degrees, it does give me an appreciation for how much of a hustle life is doing what you have to do and finding time to do what you want to do. Everybody has a calling, and writing is mine with the hopes that when it’s time for me to exit stage left from this world, I can say I left some sort of impact on the world and hopefully somebody. I’m not the best at it – hell, my only hope is that I’m at least a top five writer here – but it feels inexplicably natural and not many moments in life can top that.

Dee-1’s “My American Dream” hits home with that same principle. From Presidential aspirations to hoop dreams, to a brief clothing line and then to an academic scholarship in engineering, Dee’s destiny has changed course more times Chris Paul’s destination plans. And after all that, the fast-rising New Orleans artist became a teacher due to his deep rooted desire to provide an impact on his community. Two years later, Dee picked up a pen and pad and hasn’t looked back since. I say all that to say this. The road to success isn’t exactly a straight shot, while the American Dream isn’t exactly achieved in one night’s sleep. Detours are as important as making the right decisions in the fact they inject a dose of reality only chasing a passion can provide. Hustle now, so we can all live the good life later. That’s the only way I know how to live these days.

Watch for Dee’s upcoming project Mission Vision to be released during the first quarter of 2012.

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