Talk That Talk: Top 5 Notable Quotables Of 2011

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“What I’m touching on next, you might want to leave the kitchen
Cuz I’m touching on that touchy subject that they call religion
Kind of touchy like that religion that’s touching on your children
But nobody want to talk about that
Touching and feeling
On topics that they touching or talking ’bout Jesus said
They liars like they father and 6’s is in their head
Bishop Long, what is up with that monkey shit on your head?
Last I checked, vanity was a sin, the Lord said
On my life, I believe you put boys off in your bed
Though some New Birthers and Catholics ain’t gon’ like what I just said
But before you fix your mouth and try to come with a retort
Please be advised that Jesus never took a plea in court
And He never had a plane
And He never had a car
And He never had a church that was visited by stars
But He did have love for the poor and the thieves
And He was in the street, kind of similar to me

Killer Mike on “That’s Life II” from the album PL3DGE

Let’s be honest for a second. “That’s Life II” could very well be the most jaw-dropping, “in-your-face” moment in rap music of the entire year. The previously quoted second verse cut no corners nor beat around any bushes as Mike goes full throttle at the world’s oldest and most controversial institution: religion. At some point, the practice of praising and worship has turned into a multimillion dollar empire and hot bed for child abuse charges. Needless to say, the man formerly known as Mike Bigga is none to happy with the transition, even taking aim at former Soul-Glo spokesman Eddie Long and his transgressions. Just remember people. Everybody in church isn’t getting through those pearly gates. — J. Tinsley

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