The 2011 Finale: The 100 Other Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed

By: 12.31.11

81. Don Trip Feat. Cee-Lo Green – “Letter To My Son” — If you’re still not in tune with Don Trip’s material, take a listen to “Letter…” before he blows up. At least then you’ll know one of the top songs from his nascent but steady building catalog of standout music. (Listen)

82. Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats – “Sandwiches”“Wolf Gang, Wolf Gang, It’s the Wolf Gang, Wolf Gang.” (Listen | Buy)

83. Action Bronson x Static Selektah – “Cirque Du Soleil” — Who cares if Statik’s production couldn’t keep up with Action. The beat could have been the rhythmic thrusts of your grandparents getting it on and Action would have ripped it to shreds. (Listen)

84. Royce Da 5’9” – “I’ve Been Up I’ve Been Down” — Over yet another strong Mr. Porter production, Nickel Nine outlines the challenges he’s faced over the years, and the strength he’s had to have to make it to the pinnacle he’s at nowwhere he currently resides. Most notable amongst the triumphs and tragedies outlined is the third verse where he describes watching his father conquering alcoholism. (Listen | Buy)

85. Fleet Foxes – “Montezuma” — This Fleet Foxes track could’ve appeared on TSS’ first compilation of 2011’s songs we enjoyed, but it’s defiantly remained one of the year’s best. The beautiful harmonies of the Pacific Northwest band has lead to a triumphant revival in Americana and 1960s folk music. (Listen)

86. Freeway Feat. State Property – “666” — The gang’s got back together again for this track off Free’s Intermission mixtape and it sounds like nobody missed a beat. (Listen)

87. Adele x DJ Chicken – “Rolling In The Deep” (Bounce Remix) — Ever thought an Adele song would make you want to shake your ass in the Walmart electronics section? Anything is possible in the Big Easy. (Listen)

88. SBTRKT Feat. Drake & Little Dragon – “Wildfire” (Remix) — Wouldn’t it be nice if Drizzy decided to hop on your song, too? Well, it still wouldn’t be this tight. I’m talking to you, Future. (Listen)

89. Game Feat. Big Boi & E-40 – “Speakers On Blast” — Cue up the brass band! Call up Big and E-40 then ask Game to do his very best Andre 3000 impersonation. While the lineup looks a little odd, “Speakers On Blast” ended up being extremely good coming out the subs. (Listen | Buy)

90. The Roots Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw – “One Time” — Three the hard way as as The Roots crew calls in Phonte & Dice Raw for lyrical support on one of undun’s best records. (Listen | Buy)

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