The 2011 Finale: The 100 Other Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed

By: 12.31.11

31. J. Cole – “Lost Ones” — Cole had the weight of the world and everyone’s eyes for Cole World. How did he manage? He came through with records like “Lost Ones,” a skilled, passionate take on one of life’s hardest decisions. (Listen | Buy)

32. Childish Gambino – “Hold You Down” — For anyone doubting Gambino’s ability to construct cogent thoughts on Camp, look no further than this commentary on the multiple facets of race relations in the middle class. (Listen | Buy)

33. Mookie Jones Feat. Jackie Chain & Big Sant – “T.C.B.” — Pimpin’ ain’t the least bit dead, as evidenced by the young Houston head’s gettin’ money mantra. (Listen)

34. Tef Poe Feat. Theresa Payne – “Satellite” — Over an airy Tech Supreme track, St Louis’ war machine lets the world hear his inner voice, turning the mic booth into the proverbial psychologist’s couch. Between Tef’s therapy sessions, Theresa Payne adds another quality chorus to her growing catalog as The Force’s go-to hookstress. (Listen)

35. Drake Feat. Rick Ross – “Free Spirit” — On Take Care, these two gave the world “YOLO.” Prior to that, on the collaboration that didn’t make Drizzy’s sophomore cut, the equally dope “Free Spirit” gave the world the now classic Twitter hashtag #SoIKnowItsReal. (Listen | Buy)

36. 2 Chainz Feat. T.I. – “Spend It” — It only took a simple name change for 2 Chainz to double the worth in his pockets. Imagine what’s going to happen when he cheats on his taxes. (Listen)

37. The-Dream – “Wake Me When It’s Over” — Heartbreak usually translates into great music. While The Dream’s 1977 EP was nowhere Confessions in terms of quality or impact, Terius painted a picture of love lost, presumably about his ex, Christina Milian. “Wake Me When It’s Over” was the darkest cut from said release and one that’s stood the test of time (i.e. a few months) as the shining moment of Mr. Nash’s vulnerability. (Listen)

38. Cam’ron & Vado – “Bang Bang” — When Killa and Vado are on, they’re f*cking on. Plus, “Killa keep good talent, He the new Calipari” was such a dope line that we’re hoping Jay Bilas tweets it one day. (Listen)

39. Starlito & Don Trip – “Life” — We seriously could’ve picked damn near any song from Step Brothers and tossed them into this list. The autobiographical, down-tempo track “Life” barely nudged out the more aggressive “5th Song,” which is a subtle way to say listen to them both. (Listen)

40. A$AP Rocky – “Peso” — The only time we’ll condone men saying “I be that pretty motherfucker.” (Listen)

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