Real Talk: The Top 15 Albums Of 2011

By: 12.30.11  •  116 Comments

Who: Danny Brown
What: XXX
Why: 4 Cigs
Label: Fools Gold | Producers: Brandun Deshay, DJ Houseshoes, Nick Speed, Frank Dukes, Paul White, Skywlkr, Quelle, Squadda Bambino

The Good: It’s not uncommon for an artist to gain media attention and then falter under the spotlight. Only the rare few are able to shut out the glaring, critical eyes and pressure to produce in order to create work representative of what gained them acclaim in the first place. Danny is one of those few, as seen and heard on the explicit ode to his thirty years of life, XXX.

The Bad: Technically, there is no “bad” with Brown. A common detraction against XXX would be the disjointed nature of the production. But, Danny – the entertainer and person – is cut from a different cloth and never been shy about his influences originating in genres other than rap. The diversity in sound and Danny’s ability to navigate each track skillfully and make it enjoyable are what separate him from the pack.

The Lovely: — Picking the album’s best track (i.e. the feverish “Pac Blood” or rhyming exhibition of “Monopoly”) is equivalent to playing with a stacked deck. While all the tracks seem only loosely connected, most can stand on their own merit. “Radio Song” best showcases Brown’s ability to interpret any proposed theme his own. Clear Channel should meet him halfway and add this to playlists nationwide. — Gotty™

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