Real Talk: The Top 15 Albums Of 2011

By: 12.30.11

And last but definitely not least, Saigon discusses his breakout album, The Greatest Story Never Told and its 4.5 Cig rating with TC.

TSS: Do you think with the album you did accomplished exactly what you intended it to?

Saigon: Yeah man, I was real blessed. The most gulliest thing was to show that I was already past it because when you’re dealing with these corporations and you’re giving them music that you know, and everyone around you knows is great and they don’t get it. You believe in what you’re doing and they hold you to the wayside, and you find out when it’s all said and done. So now that the album is out and people can finally see that it’s dope, it’s like I was right all along. If they would have followed my lead we would have won.

TSS: Well, here at The Smoking Section, we’ve only given out a handfuls of 4.5’s like yours, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II and Kanye’s MBDTF — out of the countless albums we’ve reviewed. What is it about 4.5 and 5 Cig-rated albums that makes them so hard to come by?

Saigon: Everybody is chasing trends and following them dollars. Everyone is doing what they think will put them in a certain place and has their priorities fucked up. Having money is like seeing a bad broad and never fucking her. Then when you fuck her, it doesn’t have the same appeal. It’s like “O.K., what else is there?” I got all the money, drove all of the cars and fucked all the groupies…what else does life have to offer?

I feel the goals that I have are bigger than money. It’s all about having the people that come up under me know the realities of the society that we live in. Society tries to trick us. Turn on the TV right now and everything is advertising. It’s all sell, sell, sell to the middle class and the rich get richer. I feel that with the economy being bad, it’s all about the rich getting richer than everybody else. It’s a capitalist society, but they won’t tell the people. When you look at Hip-Hop, [it] celebrates capitalism like crazy. We’re like cheerleaders waving our pom-poms saying “Capitalism, I’m better than you because I have money.” And that’s not what Hip-Hop is about; it’s out of whack.

TSS: Alright, so you’ve got your 4.5 from TSS, where does Saigon go from here?

Saigon: Now that I know I’m on y’alls radar, I’m getting the whole five next time [Laughs]. We take it to the streets because every movement starts with the people. I started some shit called the Good Guy Gang and it’s about catching the shit that goes by unnoticed with the future. It’s all about the kids man. We gotta set an example for the next generation. I feel like the generation before us dropped the ball man. These motherfuckers taught us how to be everything but what we were supposed to be. I remember my mother saying, “Boy, you’re not going to grow up to be like these pimps, hustlers and thugs out here on the corner.”

And if you look at Hip-Hop, that’s what we glorify. The biggest rappers in Hip-Hop are a gangbanger, a big time drug dealer and a big time pimp. You guys can put the names to the titles. Those are the rappers in Hip-Hop and they’re making all of the money and have all of the influence. Why is that? That’s backwards for the Black community. It’s like the tail wagging the dog and that’s wrong. — TC

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