Orlando Bound: The 2012 NBA All-Star Starters Revealed

02.03.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

Three sets of teammates, two coasts and one batch of jerseys not worth their pixels in tie-dye, best describe the latest news for NBA All-Star Weekend 2012. The starters for professional sports’ most prestigious exhibition mirrors the faces of the game’s most recognizable figures. Seeing that millions of votes were tallied by fans to reach this verdict, it’s technically a popularity contest yet, one with a largely just outcome.

Last year’s MVP, Derrick Rose is still keeping the Bulls competitive in the East while the current scoring leaders in Kobe and LeBron are exactly what the big stage needs. Not to mention Kendrick Perkins’ accused killer and first-time ASGamer, Andrew Bynum have been lights out in the center position.

Every player should be elated with their selection. Everyone that is, except for Dwight Howard, who can’t wait to hit the first thing smoking out of Orlando.


Sidebar — Anyone care to find Laura Winslow for Chris Paul?

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