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By 01.18.12

I would love to tell everyone that I had insider info related to Nike’s current #makeitcount initiative, which has been viral since late December. Unfortunately, I don’t know a damn thing but I think that’s part of the whole cryptic campaign. Aside from the Twitter hashtag, the most I’ve seen is the question “What will you do to #makeitcount?” both of which leave things open-ended for interpretation, which makes perfect sense coming from a brand who’s “just do it” slogan became a motto for many things greater. With their latest marketing push, it’s not so much about what the brand will be doing or has up their sleeve, but perhaps their quiet push to inspire what each of us does on a daily to make sure our works have lasting impact.

But if you want my educated guess, the clues point towards a Nike+ product launch on Thurday, January 19th. Stay tuned to for updates. Meanwhile, back to the grind we go in an attempt to do something that matters today.


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