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Terrace Martin – “L.A. Dreamen” Video

By 01.25.12

Within the next year and a half, I’ll be firmly planted in a profession that’ll serve as “my calling.” The fruits of my labor will afford me the pleasure of riding down Sunset Blvd. in cargo shots, fresh sneakers, a white Polo tee and with a female who’d make Rihanna jealous. And one of the songs which will serve as the soundtrack will be Terrace Martin’s “L.A. Dreamen.” Well, that’s at least what I pray to entrepreneur baby Jesus every night for amongst other things.

It makes sense T. Dot released a visual for “Dreamen,” a standout record from last year’s Locke High 2. The sax’s harmonies are so heavenly that the angels probably nod their heads in agreement. In fact, and speaking of angels, I consider it a sign from a higher power this needs to be played Friday at 5:15 when walking out the door of my job. Forget about the stresses of the work week; bigger and better things are always on the horizon. On occasion, simply the thought of something more fruitful is enough keep pushing forward. That’s why I think about driving down Sunset Blvd. In my cargo shorts. In my fresh sneakers. In my white Polo tee. With my female who’d make Rihanna jealous.


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