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9 More MCs That Desperately Need A Name Change

By / 02.09.12

Like KRS-One once said, “You must learn.” That’s why for the third consecutive year* now, we’re using up valuable page space to break some bad news to a few rappers with counter-productive rap nametags. Although we’d much rather talk about how moving their music is or all the potential they’ve got on the mic, we realize in many cases their alias is what’s excluding them from even being in those conversations in the first place. Then, there are others who’ve seen success, but still need a slight tweak in order to advance or are just so brain dead they don’t realize the consequences of naming themselves Poopie Doo.

Whatever the reasoning for their inclusion though, just know there was once a rapper by the name of Tity Boi featured on this very same list, who took our advice and ran all the way to the top. We’re not saying that’ll happen to you, per se, but at least you’ll be able to come up properly in a Google search.

* Check years one and two here and here, respectively.

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