Chiddy Bang – “Grab A Plate”

By: 02.21.12

Despite their usual cool demeanor, Chiddy Bang probably woke up this morning with butterflies in their stomachs for the first time in a while. After steadily growing their brand of “Swelly-ness” over the past three years or so, Chiddy and Zaphoon will finally release their debut studio album today, serving up Breakfast worldwide. Come to think of it, for a duo who turned mixtapes into overseas tours and world records in such a short period of time – strictly in an attempt to build momentum for this very moment – maybe seeing an official LP on shelves will actually put them at ease.

So, will you be ordering the Breakfast special from iTunes? Or, do you need another reminder? If so, “Grab A Plate” of one last freebie from the Philly duo. Both come highly recommended.

Chiddy Bang – “Grab A Plate”

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