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Playboy Tre – “We All In”

By 02.15.12

If there are two things Playboy Tre is known for, they’re honesty and drunkenness. And truthfully speaking, I have no preference as to which one Tre chooses to personify on a record since the end result is enjoyable music either way. Regardless of subject matter, his songs always hit close to home for me because he’s just another dude going through everything I’ve gone through (or probably will soon go through). When he’s not rhyming his soul out about his childhood, he’s bumbling and stumbling into a bar and ordering way more Patron shots than he should be. “We All In” is one of those tracks and it’s sure to immediately bring forth recollections of your last time bar-hopping, recklessly opening tabs and having a blast of a time.

Bottoms up, bitches! This round is on Treboy Play.

Playboy Tre – “We All In”

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