Can’t Be Faded: 40 Forgotten Nate Dogg Features

By 03.01.12

Graphic: Dimplez

Almost a year ago, the Hip-Hop community was stunned to hear about the passing of Nate Dogg. At only 41 years old, the Long Beach crooner used his uncanny pipes to contrast and compliment the often one-sided lyrical palette of every rapper who enlisted his services, eventually leading to a change in how most thug love songs were conceptualized. However, despite a lasting legacy, the 213 member and one-time Death Row inmate still seems solely known for his work with Dr. Dre, “Regulate” and a few career-changing appearances for today’s biggest stars. This list of Nate’s many forgotten features is looking to change that.

If you’ve already got the solo albums and are looking to shine a little more light onto the man responsible for taking some of your favorite rappers to the next level, soak up these forty guest appearances from the one and only Nate D-O-Double-G.

1. Tha Eastsidaz Feat. Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Kokane – “Cool”

After their Doggystyle Records debut went platinum, Tray Dee and Goldie Loc needed to pull out all the stops for their follow-up, Dueces & Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way. This ice cold cut featured every in-house vocal talent the DPG called their own, with Nate leading the pack.

2. Crooked I Feat. Nate Dogg – “Crook In Me”

Before Crooked was butchering MCs as a member of Slaughterhouse, he was stranded on Death Row like half of California. If Suge had gotten his sh*t together and actually released this Nate Dogg-helmed single, maybe Dominic Intriago could’ve been the label’s savior.

3. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Suga Free & Oobie – “Bitches Ain’t Shit”

During his prime, Lil Jon would just use the best aspects of other artists to his advantage. For this Dr. Dre-inspired sip of Crunk Juice from 2004, The Apprentice finalist catered his typically rambunctious sound for Nate & his hoe-shaking homeboys from the West Coast.

4. Craig David Feat. Mos Def & Nate Dogg – “7 Days (Remix)”

After “Oh No” tore up the radio for Rawkus, UK crooner Craig David recruited both the man currently known as Yasiin Bey and Nate D-O-Double for this extremely smooth sequel of sorts. Careful, though, “this remix might fracture your nose.”

*Ed. Note: Apparently, this is actually Craig David impersonating Nate Dogg, which is pretty dope in itself.

5. Kurupt Feat. MC Ren, Xzibit & Nate Dogg – “The Hardest…”

Most DPG fans will tell you Kurupt’s Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha was one of the best albums to come from the camp. Yet, there’s no denying the quality of its less-acclaimed follow-up, Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey. Well, with four West Coast legends beating down Fred Wreck’s phased-out guitar licks with authority, “The Hardest” might be the best song on that album. Now, “lemmie hear you say Nate…”

6. Mr. Capone-E Feat. Nate Dogg – “I Like It”

For whatever reason, there haven’t been many Mexican MCs to break into the mainstream Hip-Hop scene. But, in 2004, Mr. Capone-E’s Always & Forever album was making some noise on the Billboard charts and this Club Nouveau-sampling single helped the cause. We like it too, Nate. We like it too.

7. Warren G Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Nate Dogg – “Havin’ Things”

After Warren had a sophomore slump with critical failure Take A Look Over Your Shoulder, The G-Child attempted to recreate the magic on I Want It All, by bringing in all sorts of features and putting the 213 singer on half the tracks. This one stands-out specifically, especially when Nate starts inviting ladies up to his castle on the third verse.

8. DFC Feat. Nate Dogg – “Things In Tha Hood”

Even though Da Funk Clan was from Flint, proximity and changing seasons didn’t keep MC Breed’s homeboys from capitalizing on the West Coast sound that was burning up the charts, back in 1994. Oh, grabbing the hottest hook-maker on the planet didn’t hurt either.

9. Mark Ronson Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife Da God & Saigon – “Ooh Wee”

Before the new millennium, Nate wasn’t making too many trips to the East Coast, let alone overseas. However, being the smart musician that Mark Ronson is, the multi-talented UK DJ enlisted the Dogg with the best voice for his first single and has been getting movie soundtrack money ever since.

10. Jazze Pha & Cee-Lo Green Feat. Nate Dogg – “Enjoy Yourself”

Considering Jazze Phizzle always had somewhat of a Left Coast feel to his sound, it was only fitting the ATL producer and Cee-Lo paid for Nate Dogg’s presence on this easy-going feature from their unreleased Happy Hour album. In our opinion, this one is best enjoyed on the beach, with a blunt of G-Funk and some age-appropriate cocktails.

11. Proof Feat. Nate Dogg & Swifty McVay – “Sammy Da Bull”

Not too long before Proof passed, Nate added a little authority to this stand-out from Big P’s slept-on Searching For Jerry Garcia album. Manufactured rappers beware.

12. Fabolous Feat. Nate Dogg & Paul Cain – “Po Po”

We all know “Can’t Deny It was the song that put Fab on the map. Apparently, so did he, because Brooklyn’s lady killer re-hired Nate’s helping hand to smack around his least favorite public servants for this track from his third album, Real Talk.

13. Mariah Carey Feat. Damizza, N.U.N.E & Nate Dogg – “What Would You Do”

Around the same time “Where I Wanna Be” was burning up airwaves in California, former radio personality Damizza did everyone a favor and hooked up our favorite DPG singer with one of the best voices in the industry: Mariah Carey. This audible confessional was the result and we’re still not sure why it didn’t get more FM burn.

14. Ludacris Feat. Nate Dogg – “Child Of The Night”

After Nate helped Luda illuminate “Area Codes” beyond just 404 and the 213, the Fast & The Furious star hit redial when it came time to knock out The Red Light District. But, instead of another easy-going radio jam, this collaboration was much more introspective and proved the bi-coastal duo could successfully tackle an array of topics.

15. Yukmouth Feat. Nate Dogg, Kokane & Kurupt – “So Ignorant”

Instead of just claiming his set or macking females, Nate kicks off this stand-out from Yuk’s Thug Lord: The New Testament album by breaking down his vices alongside a few California connects. Talk about setting the tone.

16. JS Feat. Nas & Nate Dogg – “Good Life”

There’s something to said about Nate Dogg working with Nas and 54th Platoon’s JS and specifically saying “all I see is DPG” for the hook. Apparently, West Coast for life was an understatement.

17. Snoop Doggy Dogg Feat. Nate Dogg – “Eastside Party”

We’ll never understand how this unreleased gem was featured on Death Row’s eventual Greatest Hits mixes for both The Big Dogg and the label itself, but we’re just happy to have it. After all, no one sets the tone for a party like Snoop and Nate.

18. Xzibit Feat. Eminem & Nate Dogg – “My Name”

Despite being around beefs much of his career, Nathanial Hale typically stayed out of most of them. However, on Xzibit’s Man Vs. Machine, the king of the hooks plays the game and helps Slim cut down Jermaine Dupri even further to redeem The Doc’s good name.

19. Warren G Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Xzibit – “Game Don’t Wait (Remix)”

This posse cut from Warren’s I Want It All was billed as a 213 reunion of sorts and gained some popularity based off their names alone, but didn’t have the staying power to last beyond 1999.

20. Chico & Coolwadda Feat. Nate Dogg – “High Come Down”

Growing up on R&B, Nate Dogg found much of his primetime stride by simply reciting slightly tweaked versions of the original hook from the sampled song. And, when he was hired to harmonize for this California undercard, all Nate had to do was an Evelyn “Champagne” King impression. That doesn’t make it any less potent, though.

21. Daz Dillinger Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg – “OG”

Another verse Nate didn’t have to do much writing for was for this street-keen album cut from Daz’s Retaliation, Revenge & Getback. Diehard fans of the West Coast singer should be able to easily identify the sixteen right away, but for those that can’t, just stick with us until the end.

22. 2Pac & The Outlawz Feat. Nate Dogg – “Tear Drops & Closed Caskets”

Amidst all the hoopla over 2Pac and his music, Still I Rise is an undervalued asset to the man’s storied catalouge. This fictional, gut-wrenching story of Trigger and his girl is one of the main reasons why, partially because of Nate Dogg’s heartfelt hook.

23. Steady Mobb’n Feat. Nate Dogg – “Let’s Get It Crackin”

While Mac Dre actually had a song with Nate by the same name, it wasn’t quite as crackin’ as this Oakland duo’s super-produced banger, from their 2001 album Crime Buddies. Apparently, Spitta favored this version, too.

24. E-40 Feat. Nate Dogg – “Sinister Mob”

Hearing the quick-tongued wickedness Nate kicks over the creeping bassline and answering synths, we realize this album cut from E-Feezy’s Loyalty & Betrayal would’ve fit well on our 33 Rapid-Fire Raps list. Better late than never, right?

25. Young Dre Feat. E-40 & Nate Dogg – “Can’t Be Faded”

One of the last new Nate Dogg features we remember coming into rotation organically was this oh-so-Westcoast single from a new jack named Young Dre. It was nice enough earn some love on this blog back in 2007, but probably a few too many years removed from Cali’s radio swing to completely capitalize on the featured star power.

26. Nelly Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg – “L.A”

Due to over-exposure, most real Hip-Hop heads were turned off by Nelly when he released his 2008 album, Brass Knuckles. Still, that doesn’t make his dedication to the City Of Angels with two-thirds of 213 any less jammable.

27. DJ Quik Feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C & El DeBarge – “Medley For A V (The Pussy Medley)”

At nearly seven minutes long, DJ Quik’s ode to South Virginia is as raunchy as rap gets. Never one to refrain from sexual explicitness though, the LBC singer used his spot on Rhythmalism to explain why most females were never good enough to be his lady, but could always take up a role as playmate.

28. Snoop Dogg Feat. Warren G, Mausberg & Nate Dogg – “Don’t Tell”

Buried at the back of Snoop’s comeback No Limit Top Dogg album, this 213 track found Long Beach’s favorite threesome and the late Mausberg ruining a few female friendships with their sexual escapades, atop another sensual production from the Quiksta.

29. C-Murder Feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt & Nate Dogg – “Ghetto Millionaire”

For his sophomore set, the troubled Miller brother wanted to up his status quo outside of his regular southern customers. A trio of West Coast Doggs were down to ride and thus, “Ghetto Millionaire” was born. It’s a testament to Nathanial Hale’s greatness that he could utter just one word for the bulk of the record and still make it pop and sizzle.

30. Jadakiss Feat. Nate Dogg – “Time’s Up”

It’s a known fact that many rappers blew up specifically because of Nate’s knack for knocking out killer hooks. However, when Interscope hired the former Death Row inmate to propel the career of a freshly-solo Jada, the East-West connection just didn’t click. Come to think of it, Kiss is still looking for that breakthrough single.

31. Knoctur’al Feat. Xzibit, Nate Dogg & Warren G – “What We Do

One of the highlights from Knocturnal’s Knoc’s Landing debut was this neck-breaking dedication to imitators trying to jock California’s steez, which got its own justification from Nate’s wavy hook.

32. Tha Dogg Pound Feat. Nate Dogg – “Just Doggin”

Just one spin of this ripping cast-off from Dogg Pound’s Death Row days and you’ll undoubtedly be imitating Nate singing praise for Dr. Dre to no end. Despite being somewhat short, his verse is that catchy.

33. D-Shot Feat. Nate Dogg, E-40 & Butch Cassidy – “Money, Sex & Thugs”

There are actually two versions of this song. The legit one was featured on an album of the same name, by The Click’s D-Shot, while the late Fat Tone released another version with a different beat. Despite the weird double-dip, we completely understand rappers wanting to capitalize on Nate trading bars with his cousin Butch.

34. Dresta Feat. Nate Dogg – “Victims Of Reality”

If you were ever deep into the DPGC, you might remember how rare Big C-Style’s 19th Street Compilation was. Well, for those of you who never got your hands on it, this corner-turning highlight found the then blown-up Nate Dogg deading an age-old feud with former foe and Eazy-E associate Dresta, in hopes of putting the whole clique on.

35. Snoop Dogg Feat. MC Ren, The Lady of Rage, Nate Dogg & Ice Cube – “Set It Off”

Alongside three hall-of-famers and one of the illest female MCs to ever grace a mic, Nate Dogg stole the show with a nursery-rhyme flow on this serving from Snoop’s Last Meal.

36. Warren G Feat. Nate Dogg – “The Mid-Nite Hour”

Even though the somewhat sluggish “I Need A Light” was chosen as the lead single to Warren G’s fifth release, both the grown-folk vibe and Nate’s convincing crooning made Mid-Nite Hour’s title cut one of the album’s prime selections.

37. Eve Feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg – “Hey Y’all”

“Got my n*gga Snoop/he been down/as for my n*gga Nate/shittt…he was in town.” The company you can keep can carry plenty of benefits and back when E-V-E was still a rapper in her primary occupation, she lucked up and got Big Nate to bless this hidden gem on her third album. They brought out that “illest pitbull in the skirt” mentality.

38. E-40 Feat. Nate Dogg – “Nah, Nah…”

In 2000, E-40 seemed ready to turn his independent success into mainstream acceptance. However, despite getting one of the catchiest hooks Nate ever delivered, the Bay Area royalty couldn’t even crack Billboard’s Top 50 with this lead single to Loyalty & Betrayal. Shame on you, general public.

39. Mista Grimm Feat. Warren G & Nate Dogg- “Indo Smoke”

Before “Regulate” turned Warren and Nate into household names, the label folk at Epic Records saw the chemistry the two Long Beach brethren shared and enlisted them for Mistah Grimm’s oft-forgotten G-Funk classic from 1993’s Poetic Justice soundtrack. Despite never gaining too much traction, Nate’s verse was so dope, he ended up reusing it years later on Daz’s Death Row debut.

40. DPGC Feat. Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound & Nate Dogg – “Real Soon”

When Snoop’s Welcome To The Chuuch compilation materialized back in 2005, this sentimental DPGC single was a tribute track for those locked up. However, as soon as Nate ‘s health faded and gave him an early trip to heaven last March, his own wishful hook took on new life and became the Kleenex for everyone who missed the best hook singer in the history of Hip-Hop.

There will obviously never be another Nate Dogg, but hearing that soulful baritone of his caress songs like this makes us appreciate the time we shared with his music more than ever. He may be gone, but there’s no forgetting the legacy Nate left behind.

Bonus: Snoop Dogg Feat. Nate Dogg – “St. Ides In The LBC” Commercial

As an extra, take a quick trip to the corner store with Snoop and Nate for some malt liquor. Too bad they don’t make commercials like they used to.

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