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5 Artists You Missed At SXSW While Waiting In Line To See Rick Ross

By 03.20.12

Last year, we told you to expect things to be different at SXSW going forward, but we didn’t know it would look like this. During the days leading up to this year’s festival, we were all bombarded with details of the big artists coming to SXSW 2012: Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and a slew of icons were headlining each night. While this is an awesome sign of how far the festival – more specifically Hip-Hop at SXSW – has grown, it still presents a few problems. Not the least of these is the fact that it appears a lot of up-and-coming artists got lost in the shuffle.

Time usually spent wandering into random bars at the sound of an interesting tune was instead invested in waiting in line to see whichever platinum-selling rapper was coming that night. Even looking at the SXSW coverage, there are way fewer videos of unsigned acts than there are of random dope MC A. One fear is that the idea of new artists being discovered on 6th street may be a thing of the past. With that in mind, we tried to make it a point to slide into as many events as possible that featured some upstarts that probably fell under the SXSW radar thanks to the superstar invasion. Some of these acts we’ve already posted their music and were interested to see them live and others were totally new revelations.

With that said, here are five acts we stumbled upon that we can’t wait to hear more of.

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