5 Artists You Missed At SXSW While Waiting In Line To See Rick Ross

By: 03.20.12  •  9 Comments

1. Homeboy Sandman — Despite having heard no more than a few joints from Homeboy Sandman before SXSW, there was a distinct point during his performance of “The Carpenter” where I felt my neck might snap in half from nodding along. Standing tall and out during Rosenberg’s Noisemakers showcase, the Queens MC extraordinaire delivered his three song set with authority. Dressed in fatigue shorts and ready to war with any mic put in his hand, this beast of a man omitted energy like none other and sprinkled his set with both relentless fast-flows and nursery-rhyme patterns that left even the most unfamiliar listeners wondering why they’d been sleeping on the Sandman. — Beware

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