Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

By: 03.23.12

It’s no secret that Danny Brown is about as raw as it gets on the microphone. But, will the vivid atrocities that have taken him this far end up being the double-edged sword that halt a mainstream crossover for the Detroit MC? Not if he keeps making records like “Grown Up,” the first new solo song he’s released since XXX.

Put together for Scion’s A/V series, this retrospective joint finds Brown dumbfounded by the moves he’s made since the days of school lunch, showing a more appreciative side than the typical reckless abandon we normally get. The overall feel of the song sounds like something that would have come out of the Hieroglyphics crew in the early ’90s, back when regular hip-hop tracks could make noise, without some super-produced beat or top-dollar guest feature. It’s an enjoyable listen all around and one that should even draw the attention of those still on the fence about Brown’s outlandish output.

Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

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