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Watch As Jimmy Kimmel Has Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves

By 03.29.12

Jimmy Kimmel’s a huge fan of Twitter–maybe too huge of a fan. He’s made it a habit it to craft entire skits out of Twitter happenings, whether it involve Kanye West’s Think Tank or a duet with Drake. However, he recently ventured into new territory when he attempted to find out what all Twitter users have wondered at one point or another: how do celebrities respond to negative tweets?

Well, they take it in stride… or question the user’s question or break down hysterically. Ah, not a surprising pool of emotional reactions. However, users such as @MacMo29 and @katieachavez posit some interesting points: is Jason Bateman actually gay? And is Joel McHale really a huge “dbag”? Both are arguable, and we only again have Jimmy to thank for making such discussion possible. Because really: Joel McHale can be a huge d-bag.

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