Outasight – “Believe In Me”

By: 04.07.12

At this point, it’d be kind of hard not to believe in Outasight. After working his way up from dive venues and depleted bank accounts, it’s almost impossible to turn around without hearing his international hit “Tonight’s The Night.” Yet, for as successful as the past 365 have been for the proud pop rapper from Yonkers, he still questions folks’ allegiance on his new single, “Believe In Me.”

Actually, that’s only half the story on this prideful piano jam, as OU seems to be pulling himself up by the shirt collar here more so to hoist others and help them achieve the extraordinary, just as he did. After all, it’s not always easy to find inspiration within yourself when things aren’t coming to fruition as quickly as you had hoped, so hearing someone who’s been there and back telling you things will work out if you just keep faith is definitely a nice kick in the ass.

Outasight – “Believe In Me”

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