Warren G Feat. Game & Nate Dogg – “Party Will Throw Now!”

By: 04.24.12

Longtime West Coast rider, Warren G is bringing back the crooning hologram voice of Nate Dogg from the beyond for one last “Party.” From the get-go, The Regulator proves he’s still just as nimble and versatile on the mic as he always was but, all ears are intently going to be on Nate Dogg’s posthumous hook (which is reminiscent of the good old days as well). “Party We Will Throw Now!” is one of those records that has ’90s G-Funk era written all over it, and something that The Game is usually clamoring over. However, Jayceon seems content just laying the ball in instead of going for the dunk and his average verses make him more or less an afterthought. Call it a missed opportunity in my books.

The song is currently available for download on iTunes and G-Child’s No One Can Do It Better EP is due this summer.

Warren G Feat. Game & Nate Dogg – “Party Will Throw Now!”

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