On Derrick Rose’s Injury, The Fallout & 10 Potential Losers

By: 04.30.12  •  29 Comments

5. LeBron James & The Miami Heat

The aforementioned asterisk definitely will be applied here if the Heat should manage to win the chip. Rose’s absence won’t loom as heavily over any other prospect champs but fans and critics won’t hesitate to disparage any title the Big Three acquire during while the leader of their nemesis isn’t around. Also, as tough an out as the Bulls would be with Rose, the Celtics have given the Heat the most trouble this season. We wouldn’t be surprised if Bron & co. would have preferred a Bulls team instead of the more likely Celtics squad in the Easter Conference Finals. – Gotty™

6. Tom Thibodeau

Bless his heart. From now until the end of eternity, Thibs’ decision to have his star player in the fourth quarter of a 20 point game with less than two minutes to play will serve as one of the greater “what if” scenarios in NBA history. And while Chicago isn’t exactly left for dead in the playoffs – they are still a very good team – it’s almost upsetting that for every great decision Thibs has made for the Bulls over the past two seasons, this could very well go down as a black eye he may never truly recover from depending on the long-lasting effects of the injury. – J. Tinsley

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