10 Examples Of Triple H Being The Worst Thing To Happen To Wrestling

By: 05.30.12  •  29 Comments

6. HHH Is Totally Racist Part 2 — Wrestling gets away with stuff that no other form of entertainment can. We can chant “USA!” and hate people from other countries because America, call Eve a Hoeski because John Cena kissed her, and we can laugh when R-Truth Sambos his way to the ring. But here’s how racism works and has worked from the beginning of time: rich white wrestler makes fun of Black guy because he’s Black and should shine shoes or something. White guys proceeds to beat up Black guy in racially demeaning ways. Then, Black guy gets his comeuppance and wins in the end. MLK smiles from heaven. All of this was supposed to happen going into WrestleMania 19 with HHH and THAT BOY RIGHT THEA WE COMIN’ FOR YOU N**** Booker T.

All was going swimmingly until HHH vetoed having Book win and beat Booker T in the middle of the ring. So the story then became this: White guy calls Black guy inferior and uneducated and incapable of winning the title. White guy beats up Black guy in demeaning racially insensitive ways. It was like Great White Hope with James Earl Jones’ monologues being replaced by Spinaroonis.

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