8 Points To Watch In The Thunder Vs. Spurs Series

By: 05.27.12  •  26 Comments

7. The series could very well go the full seven games. It’s damn-near impossible to pick this series with too much confidence, but right now, San Antonio is playing at a level you shouldn’t bet against. Depth, coaching and good team defense will catapult the Spurs into the Finals. Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anybody if Kevin Durant makes me eat those words.

8. Whoever wins the series will win the league championship. Heat, Celtics… sorry. Once again, the West will claim top dog. And it isn’t even that close this time around. Scanning the rosters of this year’s final four shows a heavily-stacked Western Conference. Both squads are draft-built teams and its obvious that the best, most stable teams are the ones capable of finding impact players in any round.

Let’s hope the Heat make it past the Celts, though. Another failure on the league’s biggest stage is exactly what America wants.

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