The 8 People Every Successful Rapper Needs On The Team

By: 05.24.12

8. A Photographer/Videographer

This is a tougher one because good photographers and videographers are hard to come by and can cost a pretty penny. And even if you can’t afford to have one follow your every move, you definitely need to be able to have a constantly updating gallery of press pictures that will keep your google images fresh. Also, it’s good to have some video of your live performances or festival trips to let people know what you’re doing. Added bonus if the videographer is capable of cranking out music videos for you. If you’re not making music videos in 2012, you’re way behind the 8-ball. Music videos extend the life of your song and keep your visibility up. Try nabbing some indie directors trying to make names for themselves. If your song blows up, it benefits them as well and they’ll want to make more videos for you.

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