King Of Diamonds: LeBron James Now Owns A Championship Ring

By: 06.22.12  •  70 Comments

“It took him nine seasons.”

Jerry West lost his first seven Finals appearances, albeit against the Boston mack truck dynasty. Oscar Robertson didn’t win one until his eleventh season, and that came with Kareem leading the charge. The point I’m trying to make is this. Shut the hell up. Not everyone is going to win it in their rookie season like Magic. And I hate to break it to everyone out there, but LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball. It hurts, I know. The sooner you accept this, the quicker the pain goes away. Who knows how many rings he ends up with. Maybe five or six. Maybe just this one. The man still has work to do. Like I always said before he grabbed his first title, discuss a legacy after a career is over. Not while the book is still being written.

“This ring doesn’t count anyway. It’s an asterisk ring.”

Ok, look. I get it. This wasn’t a “real” season. It was “only” 66 games. Just know if your favorite player/team won the championship, you’d be ready to do coke off a stripper’s back, too. An asterisk ring is still a ring. That’s like me telling you the lottery money you just won isn’t really yours because you let the machine pick the numbers instead of doing it yourself*. If there was never a season in the first place, you’d still be pissed. So what’s really worse? While pondering this critical life question, do me a favor. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

“He would have never won this ring if the East was healthy. Plus, OKC battled the past three West Champs then had to battle the refs this series.”

In regards to the refs, allow me to quote my brother Eddie Maisonet who just happens to be the biggest Oklahoma City Thunder fan I know. “I will never, ever blame a series on officiating. You can complain about that every year. The fact of the matter is this. Some calls should have gone OKC’s way, but they didn’t do themselves any favor giving away games late. You just can’t do that.” Now if Ed isn’t tripping about the refs, then neither will I. Just for statistical purposes though, Oklahoma City shot 92-119 from the charity stripe (77%) to Miami’s 112-136 (82%). Oklahoma City was whistled for 112 personal fouls to Miami’s 98. Did Miami get the benefit of some calls that could’ve gone under the rug? Of course, but Oklahoma City had yet to play a team in the playoffs who committed to attacking the basket the way Miami did. I know, this won’t do much to sway anyone’s opinion, but yeah. Moving on.

In regards to East being depleted, here’s this. Orlando always plays Miami tough, but do you really expect that Orlando team to beat Indy? No. Now, Chicago. Obviously, this was supposed to be the East Finals, but pending the way Boston came alive at the end of the regular season and the postseason, Chicago running through Boston wouldn’t have exactly been a cake walk. Take Derrick Rose’s injury out of the picture. Miami beat Chicago with basically the same squad last year. This is no shade to the Bulls whatsoever, but Rip Hamilton isn’t making that much of a difference. Miami still wins that series.

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