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King Of Diamonds: LeBron James Now Owns A Championship Ring

By 06.22.12

“He’s still not clutch.”

I’m not even sure what “clutch” means anymore. The definition changes with each accomplishment and/or failure. Let’s consult Skip Bayless.

“LeBron James will complete the MVP sweep.”

This isn’t a “doubt” per se, but there was no other place to put it. Two days before Christmas, I took a stand. At the time, it was mocked and ridiculed. Here’s the ironic thing. Barring a horrible ending to this year’s All Star Game, I was damn near three for three. Anywho, take it away from here, Stephen.

Thankfully, this season is over. My blood pressure was at wits end and it’s time to get ready for football anyway. Oklahoma City always had my respect, and as a basketball fan, seeing James Harden go AWOL was about as disgusting a sight as, well, LeBron last year. And while I’ve been singing the praises of LeBron these past 1,000 words or so, he didn’t do it by himself. Dwyane Wade handing the reigns over convincing LeBron to “take over” meant the world. Miami doesn’t win this series without big games from Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller; the last of whom should retire due to the fact he makes running down the court look like the most physically taxing activity ever. Also, keep in mind, Norris Cole became a totally different player once he began paying homage to Lil’ Boosie with the bald fade. One more thing, too. Eddy Curry has a ring. Go figure. And that awkward and hilarious Chris Bosh photo of him showering himself with champagne? That’s just Chris being Chris, I suppose. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not going to go overboard and make a prediction for next season. Instead, I’ll live in this moment. I’ve been waiting for this since LBJ and Sebastian Telfair were on the SLAM cover together. Since Gloria copped the Hummer and jerseys and damn near 187’d his senior year at St. Vincent St. Mary. Since ESPN profiled him on The Life. Since…The Decision. There’s only one real way to describe June 21, 2012.

“It’s about damn time.”

Indeed, Bron. Indeed. Oh, and Carmelo, pressure’s all on you now, buddy. Unfortunately, that’s how this hypbeast works.

P.S. – Meanwhile, in the city LeBron called home for seven seasons…

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* – I swear that made so much sense when I thought of it.

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